Garbage Can Cleaning Service

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We thoroughly clean, sanitize, and deodorize your cans before you bring them in from the street.

We are incredibly thorough when it comes to cleaning your garbage cans. If you need the best trash can cleaning, there is no one better to call.

Did you know that there are over 400 types of bacteria in the average garbage can?

That's incredibly unsafe for you and your loved ones, as they are released into the air around you every time you open and close your can.



We start with our eco-friendly degreaser to get that grime and gunk to break free from the hard plastic inside your can.

After that, using our industry-leading hydraulic lifts and cleaning equipment, we lift your cans up and give them a thorough washing that will get rid of even the tiniest specks of filth.

A quick deodorizing, and you'll think we just replaced your waste bins with two brand new ones straight off the manufacturer's conveyor belt.


As the most professional garbage can cleaning service Phoenix has to offer, we take great pride in keeping our customers cans clean, sanitized, and deodorized--improving the quality of our Arizona neighborhoods, one can at a time.

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Our fully self-contained cleaning unit, steam pressure cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes your dirty, smelly garbage cans with no runoff.

Our curbside cleaning services will clean your can after your trash collection day.

Our cleaning unit uses significantly less water than someone using a garden hose, and all of our runoff is collected in a hopper and properly disposed of.

Annual Plan
Prepaid Plan

Once a Month

$29.99 Billed Each Month

  • Includes 2 Bins
  • Additional Bins $6
  • 12 Cleaning Agreement

Every 2 Months

$34.99 Billed Every 2 Months

  • Includes 2 Bins
  • Additional Bins $8
  • 6 Cleaning Agreement

Every 3 Months

$39.99 Billed Every 3 Months

  • Includes 2 Bins
  • Additional Bins $10
  • 4 Cleaning Agreement


$75.00 Single Cleaning

  • Includes 2 Bins
  • Additional Bins $10
  • No Agreement